Our purpose

Spawn aims to support your team on products we both think are interesting and promising. According to your projects and your ambitions, we will bring you the various skills you need to improve the experience your game will offer to players. Since you will not have time nor energy looking for solutions on topics out of your domains of expertise, we will be there.


Game design, prototyping, programming, graphics, level design, audio, QA …


Roadmap, milestones, business-plan, markets, crowdfunding, accounting, legal …


Networking, branding, pitch, dev-blog, calendars, events, promotion …

Latest events



  • Paris Games Week 2018

We happily checked out the 9th edition of the PGW and met a lot of wonderful people. It was a chance for our crew to stay tuned with the upcoming projects chatting with developers and publishers.
We talked about business models, communication strategies but also partnerships and of course : we tried out A LOT OF GAMES!

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Ecosystem initiatives

  • Canap'Héros

The second edition of the valued Canap'Héros from LDLC! We met some local well-established and others soon-to-be Twitchers & Youtubers. They played some indies games and gave feedbacks. Naturally, we did too!

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  • Gamescom 2018

We went with our Spawn'd, met plenty of actors from international publishers to smaller country-specific brands, retailers, press agents...
Amongst this joyful crowd, we stumbled upon familiar youtubers and shook hands with twitchers. The Devcom had some top notch speakers on significant topics.
But it was not only serious, but mostly fun and games!

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Ecosystem initiatives

  • Esprit Unity

We met the team behind the Unity3D most welcomed meetup. They explained the uses of specific features and presented the upcoming ones. Successful event, thanks to them!

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Ecosystem spokeperson

  • Meltdown meetup

Interview with National Assembly politician Denis Masseglia, president of "Groupe d'études sur le jeu vidéo". We discussed the future of the video games industry in terms of education, fundings, technologies and politics in 2030 France .

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  • Lyon Game Summit 2018

We accompanied our Spawn'd, strengthened ties with renowned studios and met new ones along with their crew. We also networked with actors revolving around the industry (politicians, hardware manufacturers, subvention providers, ...).

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Media Production

  • GeekTouch 2018 (after)

Content produced by our media teams Ygones, Liv'Lyon (interviews, articles and aftermovie) and photographer Matthieu Jacquard on the GeekTouch 2018 event.

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Indie GameLab organization

  • GeekTouch 2018

Support for the 25 actors present during the event in terms of communication, networking, stand arrangement and display. We provided the Lab with youtubers, media teams for interviews, articles, photos, videos and more.

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Meetups & Preparations

  • GeekTouch 2018 (before)

Upstream meeting in order to maximize benefits from the incoming show for all the exhibitors. Our guests from the LGD network were present and brought their expertise in various domains.

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