We challenge you to play this isometric puzzle.
Starting from IZIPIZI to UNREAL


You think you can do better? Bring your puzzle idea to life with a simple to use and powerful level editor.


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Qub Cubes Showcase

Dynamic Qub
This is the cube that you control. From now on, we'll call it 'the player cube'. It can be moved diagonally by swiping.
This is your goal. You need to collect any one of the crystals in order to proceed to the next level.
Regular Ground
You can move or stand on this surface as much as you like
Volatile Ground
By default, this type of ground is translucent and the player falls through it. Pressure plates switch its state to solid.
Pressure Plate
When a player stands on it, it switches the state of nearby Volatile Grounds and Inverse-Volatile Grounds (from allowing the player to fall through it to solid and vice-versa)
Inverse Volatile Ground
By default, this type of ground is opaque and solid. Pressure plates switch its state to translucent.
Ice Ground
The player can stand on this cube for 1 (one) move. If a player has stepped on it, the next move causes it to break (whether it is the player cube that stepped on it or another player cube)
Teleport Plate
Each teleport plate is linked to another teleport plate. When stepped on, it teleports the player to the linked plate. If another player cube is already standing on the other plate, nothing happens.
Zoom Button
Zoom in and out by pressing it with a player cube selected.
Rewind Button
Use it to rewind time and get moves back. Most of the time it isn't necessary but it will help you get that high score!